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Mini-Review – Zoner Photo Studio Free

by Alan German

In the never-ending search for free software that is actually useful, I have been looking for a digital image management system. Sure, Photo Gallery, built into some versions of Windows, and third-party programs like IrfanView ( provide this functionality but I find their file navigation and display systems rather clunky. ACDsee ( has all the features that I need but, since it is proprietary software, it fails the current test of being free and/or open-source.

Recently, I came across Zoner Photo Studio Free. This package is almost a clone of ACDSee, featuring the same three-panel main screen, with windows for navigation, image preview, and thumbnail display when it opens under the Manager tab. A host of command buttons and drop-down menus provide multiple functions such as acquiring images from a digital camera or scanner, sorting and renaming files, printing a contact sheet, sending a file by E-mail, or uploading an image to Flickr or Facebook.

Two other main tabs are Viewer, with options that include zooming and slideshow creation, and Editor, where a wide range of tools allow images to be rotated or resized, colours to be modified, various image effects to be applied, and much more.

A Settings menu allows many of the program’s functions to be customized, while a help menu provides detailed information on all aspects of the program’s operations.

So, if you want a powerful – but free – digital image manager, you may need to look no further than Zoner Photo Studio Free.

Bottom Line:

Zoner Photo Studio Free
Version 12
Zoner Software

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