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Personal Firewalls Revisited
by Chris Taylor 

In a recent edition of the Ottawa PC News, I wrote a review of BlackICE Defender. Since that review, a new product has come onto the market from ZoneLabs called Zone Alarm 2.0. I guess they took a page from the dBase book that debuted with dBase II. 

Steve Gibson, of SpinRite fame, says, "My fingers are crossed, the dust is still settling and the paint is still wet. Zone AlarmIt's too early to tell for sure, but it looks like Zone Alarm 2.0 (ZA) will be the perfect and ultimate personal firewall for the typical Internet user! And it's 100% free for the individual user!" 

He goes on to say; "I am using it right now - and nothing else! - on my personal system, and so far I love it! I think ZA combines the best of all worlds and eclipses every other firewall ever created." 

You can read more about what Steve thinks at and you can download the program from the ZoneLabs site ( or PUB II (ZONALM20.EXE in the Miscellaneous Applications file area. 

Bottom Line:

Freeware from ZoneLabs
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