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What's New on PUB II: Pure Cool

by Chris Taylor

Stardock We all strive to find programs for our computers that will make our lives more efficient, make work easier, and increase our productivity. But there are times when we run across programs that are - what can I say - just pure cool. Such was my thinking when I ran across WindowFX v1.0 from the folks at

WindowFX v1.0 lets you tweak your display settings in ways that you never thought possible. You can customize the Windows settings to create transparent icon backgrounds, change the icon foreground colour, and make windows slide or fade into view as they open. Most interesting is the program's ability to make windows and menus semi- transparent. Configure it to make windows, pop-up menus, and even entire applications translucent or transparent so that you can see what is behind them. You can set the transparency level from 0 to 100.

Another very nifty feature is the ability to "maximize" applications to something less than full screen. You can even set the location these "maximized" windows will appear.

All this is available in a small program using minimal resources. WindowFX works on Windows 98 and Windows ME, but its full capabilities emerge on Windows 2000. You can download WindowFX.exe from Utilities - Desktop Utilities file area (area 45) on PUB II. WindowFX is shareware with a registration fee of US$14.95.

Bottom Line:

WindowFX Version 1.0
Shareware (US $14.95)

Originally published: September, 2000

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