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New on PUB II - TextPad v4.1.05

by Chris Taylor

TextPad Logo I think everyone should have a good text editor available. I highlight "good" because I hate Windows Notepad, which is what most people use. I am hoping people use it because it's there, and not because they think it is a good editor. Its many limitations include a single document interface, no line and column indicator, file size limitation of something like 32K (except in the NT/2000 version), and a lack of ... well, just about any other feature! 

I have used several other editors and my current favourite is TextPad v4.1.05. It has an amazing array of features. File sizes are limited only by available virtual memory. Only available resources limit the number of files you can open at any one time. 

A keystroke macro recorder is available to speed through repetitive tasks. Macros can be run a single time or repeat until the end of the file. Unlimited undo/redo helps eliminate the "oops" factor. The powerful search and replace engine can use UNIX-style regular expressions. 

"It has an amazing array of features. File sizes are limited only by available virtual memory."

Web authors will find a full array of HTML tags and characters available. While not a WYSIWYG editor, it is a whole lot easier and faster than manual editing. It can create entire constructs such as those required for tables. It also has an extensive list of single characters like spaces, copyright symbol, accented characters, etc. available at a double-click. A button allows you to see the current document in your browser. Even if you use a more sophisticated web-authoring tool, you might find this handy for minor page touch-ups.


TextPad Screen Shot


You can compare two files, sort on up to 3 keys, transpose words, invert case, use bookmarks to aid in navigation, check spelling (various dictionaries are available), run in full-screen mode, autosave documents, customize the toolbars and lots more. 

TextPad is available in the Applications - Word Processing file area on PUB II as TXPENG41.EXE or from It requires Windows 9x/NT/2000. Registration prices start at US$27 for a single user. 


Bottom Line:

TextPad (Shareware, US $27
Version 4.1.05
Helios Software Solutions

Originally published: April, 2000

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