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DLL and Driver Versions
Part II - TextExtract
by Dunc Petrie

Last issue I provided some tips to shake loose the secrets of assorted system files. Unfortunately, this involved manually scanning large segments of the file to locate the information. To the rescue: an online newsletter from Lockergnome pointed me towards a uniquely useful utility: TextExtract. 

Since computers are well-suited to performing drudge jobs, assign this task to your machine while you take a break. TextExtract ( is a freeware program that will scan a file, or a batch of files, for letters, numerals and text strings. The default parameters can be user-defined. The source file could be a corrupted word processor file or any system file (for example, .COM, .EXE, .DLL, or .VXD).The results are saved in a user-specified file that you can examine at your leisure. 

A couple of suggestions: download the full installation routine (, about 670 KB) instead of the much smaller (about 27 KB). Otherwise, you will likely face a variety of error messages since the installation routine contains essential auxiliary files that may not be present on your system. You system must also have the Microsoft Visual Basic 6 runtime files installed. If not, a link is provided on the Ultima Thule site. 

For me, this certainly beats the dreary chore of examining file-after-file for that elusive source and version information. Give it a try. 

Oh, yes, send the author an email to say thanks for his efforts! 

Bottom Line:

Freeware from Ultima Thule Ltd.
Web site:

Check it out!

Any club member who would like to give this program a try can download it from PUB II (Area 28 - Utilities - File Utilities) as TXTEXT2.ZIP 

Cheers, Chris
OPCUG Sysop 

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