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Recover4All Professional A program for recovering deleted files. May/03

Remote Recover v2.0 and Disk Commander v1.1 (Winternals Software) May/02

Rich Copy Transfer hundreds of files and folders, even if some are currupt, from one drive to another. Mar/15

Routers ("A Tale of Three Routers") Nov/04

(More on hardware) routers Mar/01

Roxio Creator 2009 Burn so much more than just CD's and DVD's. May/09

Rufus (Open Source) and Total Mounter (Freeware): How to Create a Bootable CD with no CD! Feb/14

Samsung SPF-105P Digital Photo Frame (10") Sep/08

ScionImage (Get the Picture)

(A fishy) screensaver (Rixane Interactive) Oct/05

Secunia PSI - Vulnerability management made easy Jan/11

Secunia PSI / Vulnerability Review ("Keeping Secure") Read Secunia's Vulnerability Review and run Secunia PSI to stay secure. Sep/14

(A tale of three) serials Apr/01

shoX mini speaker Hear the BIG sound that comes out of these tiny speakers! Oct/11

Sizer ("Resizing Windows") Tame stubborn windows and resize them permanently so several can be viewed concurrently on-screen. June/14

Smart Boot Manager Dec/06

Soft Karaoke (Vorton Technologies) 27-Nov-99

Solid State Drive ("Drive Speed Bragging Rights") Is the speed of your hard disk just too slow for today's high-tech world? Perhaps you need a "Super-Sonic Disk" – actually a Solid State Drive – an SSD! Oct/13

Soundzone SZ1001 Capsule Speaker Another tiny computer speaker with big sound but with better connectivity and amazing battery life. June/12

SpamAssassin Pro (Deersoft) Nov/02

SpamBayes (Python Software Foundation) Jan/04

SpamKiller 4.0 (McAfee Security/Network Associates) Dec/03

SpamNet Oct/02

StarOffice 5.0 (StarDivision, Germany) 27-Nov-99

StartIsBack - Easing the Transition to Windows 10 Do you hate the (non)functionality of the START button in Windows 8 and 10? Revert to the Windows 7 START button with this very cheap program. Sep/15

Startup Cop Pro (Need Traffic Control on Boot-up? – Call the Cops!) Nov/05

Streets & Trips 2006 with GPS Locator (Microsoft) Oct/06

Sunbird Open Source calendar: You Want It - When?!! Mar/07

Swiftkey Keyboard Jun/15

Sygate 2.0 (SyberGen Inc.) 27-Nov-99

SyncToy – File Synchronization from Microsoft Dec/06

System Information for Windows Mar/12

Team Viewer ("Remote Control Software") Access a remote computer over the internet with this free program. Oct/14

The tax man cometh... and here comes the Taxman Here's a free tax program. Mar/09

TextExtract (Ultima Thule Ltd.) Feb/00

TextPad v4.1.05 (Helios Software Solutions) Apr/00

ToggleMOUSE (Toggle Software)

Total Mounter (Freeware) and Rufus (Open Source) How to Create a Bootable CD with no CD! Feb/14

TreeSize Free ("Sizing up the hard drive") Is the number of files and folders on your hard drive out of control? Are you running short on usable disk space? What you need is a free disk space manager. Nov/15

TrueCrypt - File Encryption Revisited An open source file encryption utility. June/07

True Image 8.0 (Acronis) Sep/05

True Image Home 2011 Backup and restore your hard drive with Acronis True Image 2011. Apr/11

A Truer Image in 2010 Apr/10

"Two-for-One" (WMatch32 and CaseRename) (PC Magazine and Kjetil L. Nygård)

Ubuntu Hacks (a book review) June/07

Ubuntu Kung Fu A book review. Oct/09

Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks - A book review Mar/07

UltraMon 2.1 June/03

Unchecky ("Checking Out with Unchecky") Stop unwanted bundled software from installing with a program. Sep/14

Universal Document Converter - A JPG "Printer" June/03

Universal Document Converter 3.0 Dec/04

URLsOut 1.4 (freeware from Bill Reid) 03-Apr-98

VanBasco's Karaoke Player Dec/05

VCW VicMan's Photo Editor Jun/04

VeraCrypt ("Multi-Platform Encryption") With TrueCrypt no longer supported and Microsoft's BitLocker not fitting the bill, VeraCrypt comes to the rescue. Sep/16

VIPRE An antivirus and antispyware program that won't tax your system. Mar/09

VirusScan 7.0 - Home Edition, Part 1 (McAfee Security/Network Associates) Jan/04

VirusScan 7.0 - Home Edition, Part 2 (McAfee Security/Network Associates) Feb/04

VisiPics ("Finding Duplicate Image Files") Find all duplicate image files, even those with different names and in different folders. Sep/14

Vista OS ("Two Views - One Vista") Two Vista book reviews Oct/08

VLC Media player This media player is free in every sense of the word and will play any type of video and audio file thrown at it. Mar/13

VMWare Workstation 2.0 May/01

VNC, Remote Computing with (AT&T Laboratories Cambridge) Nov/00

Vorton Photo Zone (Vorton Technologies) 03-Apr-98

WebTrends, Security check with (Webtrends) Jan/01

What's New on PUB II: Guard your ports! Oct/00

What's New on PUB II: Pure Cool Sep/00

Win+X Menu Editor for Windows 8 Use this free program to customize the Quick Link menu in Windows 8 Metro. June/13

Windows 98 (Microsoft Corporation) 26-Aug-98

Windows XP Personal Trainer (book review) May/06

WinRoute Pro v4.1 Sep/00

Wondershare LiveBoot 2012 Try this powerful recovery package that can “rapidly rescue you from any imaginable PC crash disaster with a boot CD”. Oct/11

Wubi (Windows Ubuntu Installer) Jun/08

X1 Search (X1 Technologies) Oct/04

XnView – A Digital Photo Manager If you need a small, fast, digital image manager, consider trying XnView, a freeware program. Feb/16

Yahoo's Group Feb/02

YTD Video Downloader Basic ("Downloading YouTube Videos") Make downloading YouTube videos, and video files from several other web sites, a simple task. Sep/14

Yumi - A Workhorse of a Different Colour An open-source program for creating a multi-boot USB drive for different operating systems. January/13

Zip Central A free compression utility. May/07

Zip Drive (Iomega Corporation) 27-Feb-98

Zip Drive Revisited (Iomega Corporation) 29-Oct-98

Zone Alarm 2.0 (Zone Labs) Mar/00

Zoner Photo Studio Free (Mini-Review) A free and powerful digital image management system Nov/11

Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection (Microsoft) Oct/04

Zoo Tycoon 2 (Microsoft) June/05

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