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New deal from New Deal Inc.

by Harald Freise

If you remember a while back we had New Deal software in to show their amazing product called New Deal Office 97. If you can also remember they all worked on a 286 and provided a feature rich GUI interface and an excellent suite of products which worked quite well with one another. At that time there was a hint that Internet browsing might be possible. They haven't let you down. Yes it is true! 

Not the fastest browser around but hey, this works! I loaded New Deal Office 98 on my trusty old 286 and with very little configuration was able to dial up my ISP and browse the net with a browser named Skipper. It only supports HTML version 2.0 and some of the graphic rich sites didn't appear the same as they would normally using a Netscape or IE, but none the less, the performance was good. Actually, INCREDIBLE, if you consider it was a 286 with a dual twist plasma display. It worked much better when I hooked up a 14,400 modem instead of using the 9600 baud modem that I tried initially. On a test 486DX2-66 with a 28.8 modem, browsing was quite acceptable. I then loaded New Deal Office 98 on my Pentium and 56K US Robotics X/2 modem and browsing didn't go any faster at all. 

In writing this review I am using NewWrite while listening to the CD-ROM play music. I imported the following list of new features from files saved on my server over my network. New Deal Office saw ALL of the available network drives. I didn't ask it to... it just did it. How about that! Anyway here's that list of new features (and I quote): 

  • Internet Browser - HTML 2.0, drag & drop (Even on those old 286's!) 
  • NewBanker - a full featured banking application - keep track of your money! 
  • CD Player - play your favorite musical CD on your computer. 
  • Configure - customize the look & feel of your computer. 
  • File Finder - a small utility to help you find lost documents. A real life saver. 
  • Media Viewer - view all your graphics with this easy-to-use powerful application. 
  • Directory Lister - list all your files with this neat little application. 
  • Crossword Puzzle - another fun filled game for the whole family 
  • RTF filter - Import/export more documents to and from Windows & Mac applications 
  • HTML importing filter - Import HTML documents from the Internet 
  • JPEG filter - Import/export JPEG graphics 
  • New Video Drivers - Go all the way to 16 million colors in 1280x1024 resolution. 
  • New Printer Drivers - Support for many new color printers. Ask about yours. 
  • Sound Blaster Driver 
  • 100% document compatible with previous versions. 
  • Office Templates and Clip Art included. 
  • New 300 page printed manual included. 
  • plus many more new features... 

New Deal Office 98 offers the same user-friendly benefits of previous versions and those of Geoworks Ensemble. So if you were waiting to upgrade to that Pentium II 300MHz so that you could browse the Internet, wait no longer. It is possible; it is now; even on a 286. 

One of the shortcomings of previous versions of the program was that it saved its files in a propriety file format. Well no longer. As soon as I am finished this review I shall save it on another network drive. Export choices include a variety of popular word processors as well as RTF 0 and 1 as well as several versions of Word and WordPerfect. 

All in all, one amazing product that performs very well on any of the Intel family of processors from a 286 on up to the latest model. It outperforms many of the existing suites today while maintaining a pleasant user interface. It also goes a long way to extend the life of older machines while providing a feature rich GUI interface. Check out their website at:

Bottom Line:

New Deal Office 98 (Proprietary)
New Deal Inc.
P.O. Box 965, Pointe-Claire, QC  H9R 4R6
Tel: (514) 633-6370
      (800) 985-4263 ext 553
Fax: (514) 633-6315

Originally published: February, 1998

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