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OPCUG Archived Reviews - Products K-Q


All of these product reviews were originally published in our newsletter, Ottawa PC News.

All of the past issues of the newsletter are available for downloading as PDF files.


(Soft) Karaoke (Vorton Technologies) Nov/99

Karen's Directory Printer Print out a list of files in a Windows' directory, or save it to a file. Sep/08

KeePass Password Safe ("Keeping Passwords Safe") Store all your passwords in a secure electronic vault. Jan/13

(A New) Keyboard and Mouse Microsoft's MultiMedia Keyboard and Wireless Intellimouse Explorer. Sep/04

Keyboard Layout Creator (MSKLC) (Microsoft) May/05

KeyView Pro 6 (Verity, Inc.) Aug/98

Koala HTML Nov/01

KompoZer ("Composing HTML with KompoZer") An Open Source HTML editor Nov/14

LibreOffice ("Office Suite Compatibility and Incompatibility") LibreOffice takes over from OpenOffice. Oct/12

(Linksys) Etherfast Cable/DSL Router: A hardware-based router. Feb/01

Linus Torvalds: Just for Fun – The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary The early days of the creator of Linux. Sep/06

Lost & Found (PowerQuest) 27-Nov-99

Macrium Reflect Free Edition ("Reflections on Disk Imaging Software") Disk imaging software that works! Sep/11

Macrium Reflect Free Edition (Freeware) ("Restoring a hard-disk image to an SSD") Mar/15

Mask Plugins (Extensis) 25-Nov-98

Master Visually Excel 2003 VBAProgramming Book review Nov/15

MD5 & SHA Checksum Utility ("Checking Hash Sums") Check a file for corruption before trying to install it. Mar/15

MenuMaid - Right-Clicks in a New Context Mar/10

Microsoft Surface May/15

"Mind Hacks: Tips & Tools for Using Your Brain" (Book Review) (O'Reilly)Nov/05

MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition ("The Wizard of Disk Partitioning") A freeware disk partitioning utility Nov/14

Mozilla's Thunderbird ("Can we go to the next message? - Please!") (v.1.5) Freeware e-mail client. Apr/06

MuPDF (" A Practical PDF Reader for Android ") Jun/15

Need Traffic Control on Boot-up? – Call the Cops! (Review of Startup Cop Pro) Nov/05

Netcraft Anti-Phishing Toolbar (Netcraft) Oct/05

New Deal Office 98 (New Deal Inc.) 27-Feb-98

Norton DNS for Home ("Using DNS to avoid malicious sites") Block malicious websites. May/12

NotePad++ ("Two Pluses for a Notepad Alternative") A review of the Open Source NotePad++. Nov/08

NotePad++ ("Another Plus for Notepad++") A spell checker plug-in for Notepad++. Dec/08

NoteWhen - An electronic pad of "sticky notes" Nov/06

NTFSDOS (final component of Administrator's Pak v3.0) (Winternals Software) June/02

Open File Manager v.5.1 (St. Bernard Software) 14-Jun-98

OpenOffice 2.0 (Another Day at the Office) Mar/06

Optical Character Recognition (Caere, Xerox, Adobe) 25-Nov-98

Optoma Pico Pocket Projector This tiny projector packs a BIG punch! Jan/12

Painter 3 (Kai Power Tools) 27-Nov-99

PartitionMagic 3 (PowerQuest) 27-Feb-98

PartitionMagic 4 (PowerQuest) Feb/99

PartitionMagic 5 (PowerQuest) Jan/00

PartitionMagic 6: The latest magic from PowerQuest Jan/01

Partition Magic 7 Jan/02

PC-Decrapifier (Mini-Review) This free program will remove bloatware that is slowing down your system. June/11

PDF-XChange Viewer ("Another view of PDF files") Mar/16

PDF-XChange Viewer, a further review - Part 1 A more detailed review of this free PDF viewer Apr/16

PDF-XChange Viewer, a further review - Part 2 Part 2 of a more detailed review of this free PDF viewer. May/16

pdfFactory and pdfFactoryPro (FinePrint Software) Sep/04

PDFTK Builder ("Modifying PDF Documents") Simple modifications on an existing PDF file. September/12

PerfectDisk 2000 Apr/03

Personal Firewall Plus (McAfee Security/Network Associates) Mar/04

PGPfire Sept/01

Photo Story - So, you want to be a movie director? Jan/07

Picasa – Image Management by Google Jan/07

PickPick ("Screen Capture in Windows 7") June/12

Pivot Pro (Portrait Displays, Inc.) Jun/04

Proxomitron Feb/03

PTB Sync (ElmuSoft) Mar/04

Publisher 98 (Microsoft Corporation) 27-Sep-98

Quick Assist Remote control software in Microsoft Windows 10 (Nov/16)

QuickPic (A Picture Gallery for your Android Smartphone) (Nov/16)

Quick Shadow Backup (Me and My Shadow) Use this freeware program to easily backup your files. Nov/10

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