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OPCUG Archived Reviews - Products A-J


All of these product reviews were originally published in our newsletter, Ottawa PC News.

All of the past issues of the newsletter are available for downloading as PDF files.


(The) 123 of digital imaging (Electronic book review) Dec/05

ACDSee - A Canadian Image Management System Feb/05

Acer Aspire One Take a look at Acer's smallest and most portable notebook. Feb/09

Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0 Modify disk partitions on the fly. Apr/09

Acronis True Image 2009 ("Image is Everything") Backup and restore your hard drive June/09

Active Tray 1.1 (Divcom Software) Apr/04

Administrator's Pak v3.0 - ERD Commander 2002 (Winternals Software) Apr/02

Airnef Use Wi-Fi to transfer photos, videos, and other file types from your camera to your computer Apr/16

Alpha Five v4.5 Relational Database (Alpha Software) Jun/02

AOPR Pro v3.03 (ElcomSoft) Recover lost passwords with Advanced Office Password Recovery Professional. Apr/05

Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 Free Burn discs quickly, easily, with maximum quality and minumun hassle. June/12

Audacity ("Recording Directly from a Sound Card") Jan/15

Audio CD MP3 Studio and HyCD Play&Record (It really is easy to make your own CDs) Jun/00

Auslogics' BoostSpeed 5 ("Give Your Machine a Boost") Clean up, speed up, and repair your system May/11

Auslogics Disk Defrag (Better Disk Defragging – Upside Down?) Freeware disk defragging from 'down under' Oct/07

AxCrypt: File Encryption with AxCrypt Jan/09

Backup Plus: Reduce Backup Frustrations (Avantrix Inc.) Nov/00

Backup Programs ("Finding a Backup Program") Feb/16

Batch File Renamer (Ezyware) Building a Better Image> Nov/09

BlackICE Defender Dec/09

Bootable CD with no CD (How to Create)! Total Mounter (Freeware) and Rufus (Open Source) Feb/14

Bulk Rename Utility ("Batch File Renaming") Mar/14

Cambridge Chemistry Dec/09

Capture2Text ("On-Screen OCR") Run OCR directly from the screen with this open-source program. June/14

CCleaner Really clean up your hard drive, including your registry, with this free program. Sep/06

CDBurnerXP Burn CD's and DVD's for free – with CDBurnerXP Sep/09

CD-Finder Pro: "a thing of beauty" Sep/03

CD-R and CD-RW Burning 101 - part 1 Oct/02

CD-R and CD-RW Burning 101 - part 2 Nov/02

Choosing a Digital Camera June/01

Connectix Virtual PC for Windows Feb/02

ContextConvert Pro v1.3 Nov/03

Copying vinyl to CD for less than five bucks - Part I May/05

Copying vinyl to CD for less than five bucks - Part II June/05

Copying vinyl to CD for (one hundred and) five bucks (using Easy Media Creator 7) Part III Sep/05

Corel Painter X Feb/08

Corel Snapfire Plus Corel's photo manipulation program. Nov/07

Corel turns a big 10! CorelDraw 10 May/01

Cryptxt v3.21 - Encryption Software Sep/03

Defrag Commander Personal Edition Feb/02

Digital Image Pro 9 (Microsoft) May/04

Digital Photography, Expert Techniques (Book Review) (O'Reilly Books) Nov/04

Disk Commander v1.1 and Remote Recover v2.0 (Winternals Software) May/02

DiskAlert (Executive Software) May/02

Diskeeper 3.0 (Executive Software) 25-Nov-98

Diskeeper 5 May/00

Diskeeper 6 SE Oct/01

Diskeeper 7.0 Feb/03

DOSBox ("DOS-in-a-Box") An Open Souce DOS emulator Feb/15

Drivecopy (PowerQuest) 25-Nov-98

Drive Copy 3.0 & Drive Image 3.02 Sep/00

DriveCopy 4.0 Nov/01

Drive Image (PowerQuest) 27-Feb-98

Drive Image 4.0 Dec/00

Drive Image v.5.0 Mar/02

Drive Image 7 (PowerQuest) Feb/04

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional May/09

EaseUS ToDo Backup Free 6.5 A free and easy backup program that can do incremental images. Mar/14

Easy Media Creator 7 (Roxio) Apr/05

Easy Media Creator 7 (Roxio) ("Copying vinyl to CD for (one hundred and) five bucks – Part III") Sep/05

Easy2Boot ("Multi-Boot for UEFI") Create a multi-boot USB drive for new computers that don't support it. Mar/16

eClean 2000 for e-mail legibility Mar/01

Electronic File Shredding Freeware to shred those sensitive files or wipe an entire hard drive. May/09

eMule A free Peer-to-Peer program for sharing music and other files. Jan/05

Encarta Reference Library 2004 DVD Plus (Microsoft) Jun/04

ERD Commander 2002 (Administrator's Pak v3.0) (Winternals Software) Apr/02

E-Remove: A pre-processor for incoming e-mail. Nov/01

Etherfast Cable/DSL Router: A hardware-based router Feb/01

EVEREST Home Edition: What's inside the box? List the hardware in your computer Apr/07

Excel 2007 - The Missing Manual A book review Oct/07

Excel Compare: Identifying Changes to Excel Spreadsheets (Formula Software, Inc.) Nov/04

Excel Programming with VBA Starter ("Looking a gift horse in the mouth?") Book review. Apr/15

Exploring Linux - Part 1 A comparison of the Ubuntu and Knoppix versions of Linux. May/06

Exploring Linux - Part 2 June/06

Exploring Linux - Part 3 Oct/06

Exploring Linux - Part 4 Nov/06

Exploring Linux - Part 5 Apr/07

Exploring Linux - Part 6 Sep/07

Exploring Linux - Part 7 Nov/07

Exploring Linux - Part 8 Jan/08

Exploring Linux - Part 9 Apr/08

Exploring Linux - Part 10 Jun/08

Exploring Linux - Part 11 Dec/08

Exploring Linux - Part 12 Apr/09

Exploring Linux - Part 13 Oct/09

Exploring Linux - Part 14 Feb/10

Exploring Linux - Part 15 Sep/10

Exploring Linux - Part 16 Jan/11

Exploring Linux - Part 17 June/11

Exploring Linux - Part 18 Sep/11

Exploring Linux - Part 19 Jan/12

Exploring Linux - Part 20 Feb/12

Exploring Linux - Part 21 Mar/12

Exploring Linux - Part 22 May/12

Exploring Linux - Part 23 November/12

Exploring Linux - Part 24 March/13

Exploring Linux - Part 25 May/13

Exploring Linux - Part 26 Jan/14

Fairstars CD Ripper ("CD Ripping") A Freeware CD ripping utility Nov/14

File Renamer Basic A freeware program to easily rename batches of your digital files. Oct/10

File Shredder and HDShredder ("Wipe Out Old Data") Remove all traces of data from your computer May/16

FileZilla - Open Source FTP Mar/05

Flash animations on the Web: an introduction Dec/01

FolderSync - File Comparison and Directory Synchronization Sep/06

FotoFusion Pro v3.7 Edit your photos and arrange them in beautiful collages. Feb/07

FoxReader vs. Adobe Reader (Foxit Software) Oct/05

Freedom Internet Privacy Suite Mar/01

FreeFileSync ("File and Folder Synchronization Revisited") November/12

GIMP ("Digital Image Editing with GIMP") An open-source digital editing program. October/12

GIMP "Save as JPG" Plug-in" ("Saving JPG Files in GIMP") Apr/15

Gizmo Central ("Virtual CD Management") Jun/15

GParted – A little open-source “partition magic” Nov/08

"Google Hacks: Tips and Tools for Smarter Searching": A Book Review Jan/06

Google Keyboard ("Speech to Text App") Jun/15

Greenshot A small, powerful, flexible screen capture program - and it's free! Nov/13

HDShredder and File Shredder ("Wipe Out Old Data") Remove all traces of data from your computer May/16

HDClone 4 (Mini-Review ) A free disk imaging program. Sometimes you get what you pay for... May/11

herdProtect This free program uses 68 search engines simultaneously to find malware on your computer. Sep/15

Hide in plain site Dec/01

High speed wireless internet, anyone? (Storm High Speed Wireless Internet) Mar/01

HoDoKu (Bernhard Hobiger) Play SuDoKu on your computer with this free program June/11

Homesite (Allaire Corporation) 03-Apr-98

HyCD Play&Record and Audio CD MP3 Studio (It really is easy to make your own CDs) Jun/00

IconRestorer ("Keeping Your Icons Straight") Keep your on-screen icons in their carefully arranged locations April/13

ImageRecall 3 (Lost your digital photographs? - You need ImageRecall 3) Mar/07

Image Resizer (Building a Better Image) Nov/09

Images to PDF (i2pdf) Drop a bunch of images into this freeware program and have it create a PDF file. April/13

Incredimail Jan/02

InCtrl3 (Freeware: Neil J. Rubenking, PC Magazine) 12-May-98

InkSaver (Strydent Software) Sept/02

Internet Annoyances (a book review) Apr/06

Irfanview32 Graphics Utility Mar/02

iHateSpam (Sunbelt Software) Dec/02

I-SIG reviews bookmark organizers Mar/01

JPEG 2000 June/01

JSOff ("Toggling JavaScript in Firefox") Stop annoyances like video clips loading in Firefox web browser Mar/16

Just for Fun – The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary The early days of Linux creator Linus Torvalds. Sep/06

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