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Checking Out with Unchecky
by Alan German

In a recent article (Installation Caution; Ottawa PC News; June, 2014 -, I noted some of the sneaky ways that software developers try to get you to install bundled software – that you don't want – together with a specific application – that you do! In essence, as part of the installation process, the user is left to carefully study all the options offered and ensure that check boxes that will install undesired software are unchecked.

Enter Unchecky. This little utility loads as a terminate-and-stay-resident program and sits quietly in memory monitoring for software installations. If it finds that you are installing an application that tries to bundle other products, it will uncheck the relevant boxes – automatically – in the background! – and allow the main installation to proceed without any further action on your part.

For software that doesn't use a standard Windows' installer, Unchecky will warn you of any bundled junk and provide you with the opportunity to gracefully decline the offering.

Bottom Line:

Unchecky (Freeware)
Version 0.2.14

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