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Pretty please, Samsung, may I use the manual?

by Chris Taylor

I recently bought a digital photo frame. I have been looking at these for a couple of years and I finally found one that was big enough (10”), had a high enough resolution (1024x600), had all the features I was looking for, and came in at a price I was willing to pay ($200 on sale, regular $230); a brand new model from Samsung – the SPF-105P.

It is a great photo frame! It can accept most digital storage cards directly, including the popular SD and Compact Flash cards. It can also accept USB memory sticks and can be plugged into your computer’s USB port, where it will show up as a disk drive. It can play MP3 music files, has tons of slide show features and 1 GB of on-board memory. When copying files to the frame, they can be stored in the frame’s native resolution (1024x600), so you can store over 5,000 photos on the frame. It even has a Kensington® lock slot, so I can use it at my office without worrying about it being stolen.

But one thing puzzled me. As seems to be the case far too often these days, the 26-page manual is a PDF file on an included CD. As I browsed the manual, I came across the following;

Using, copying or reproducing
the whole or part of this manual
without written permission from
Samsung Electronics is prohibited.

I don’t claim to be an expert, Samsung, but I bet your support costs will go down if you let your customers use the manual. I have emailed Samsung asking for written permission to use and print the manual. No word yet. Please don’t tell them – I peeked already.

Bottom Line:

Samsung SPF-105P digital photo frame (10")
$200 on sale (regular $230)

Originally published: September, 2008

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