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Just Remind Me!
by Alan German

Do you need a simple calendar-alarm app for your smartphone? Would you like to just set a given event, on a specific date and time, and have your phone automatically fire off an alarm at the appointed moment? If so, then Just Reminder, from AppHouze Co., may be the app for you.

Setting an alarm is really easy. Just tap on the big green plus sign on the app’s main screen. If you wish, you can categorize your reminder under entries such as ToDo or Call (a contact), add a telephone number, or optional notes. The main parameters to set are the date and time of the event, with an option to specify a number of minutes, hours or days prior to the event that the reminder should be issued. It’s also possible to set the type of alarm (with or without vibration) and a variety of repeat intervals.

Scheduled events are listed on the app’s main page in chronological order. As you might expect, when an event comes due, the phone’s ringer sounds and a notification pops up on the screen. One tap on the notification’s mute button silences the alarm. If you don’t dismiss the reminder, it will go into snooze mode for ten minutes and then trigger the alarm again.

The app has a number of other features, and the free version has some ads but, so far, its mode of operation suits my purposes admirably.

Bottom Line:

Just Reminder (Freeware)
from AppHouze Co.
Available from Google Play:

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