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Keeping Your Icons Straight
by Alan German

Do you ever have a problem with on-screen icons shifting away from their familiar – and carefully arranged - locations? You may, if you connect your computer to an external display, television, or projector running at a different resolution, or if you have a display that is capable of pivoting between landscape and portrait orientations and you use software to rotate the screen’s contents.

Moving all the icons back into their proper places can take considerable time – if you can remember what the screen originally looked like! [Hint – take a screenshot of your current screen layout and save the image, showing all your favourite applications and the location of their icons, for future reference.] What you need is software that will do the memory work – and undertake the revision process – for you.

Enter IconRestorer. At its simplest, you just click on the menu button labeled “Save current desktop layout”. Then, when you want to restore the desktop, the second menu button, labeled “Restore last saved desktop layout”, will do the job.

But, there’s more to the program than this. In particular, multiple desktop layouts can be saved – and retrieved from a listing in the “Layouts” tab. And, there are a couple of tabs-worth of configurable options, plus choices of language and colour scheme.

IconRestorer – quick, easy, and free!

Bottom Line:

IconRestorer (Freeware)
Version SR1

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