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PDF  Text Reviews: Exploring Linux - Part 11; Another Plus for Notepad++; Articles: OPCUG's Outreach Programme; OPCUG Free Software Guide - Part 1


PDF  Text Reviews: GParted – A little open-source “partition magic”; Two Pluses for a Notepad Alternative; Articles: 2009 OPCUG Elections; Quick Tip: E-mailing Photos


PDF  Text Review: Two Views - One Vista (review of two books); Articles: 2009 OPCUG Elections; Question Period; Computer Tips: Vista Fun; Quick Tip for Vista - Fast Loading Applications


PDF  Text Reviews: Directory Listings Made Easy (Karen's Directory Printer); Pretty please, Samsung, may I use the manual? (digital frame); Articles: Accessing The Pub (part 4); Ottawa Public Library Presentations (Fall 2008); Members' Night - May 2008


PDF  Text June Meeting: Pizza night; Reviews: Wubi; Exploring Linux - Part 10; Articles: OCISO - Make a Difference; Phishing Scams


PDF  Text May Meeting: Members' Presentations, May 14th; Articles: The Need for Speed; OPCUG Workshops; Upgrade Envy - Part 8


PDF  Text May Meeting: Members' Presentations, May 14th; Review: Exploring Linux - Part 9; Articles: Upgrade Envy - Part 7; Computer Movies


PDF  Text Anouncement: Tim Mahoney; Articles: My Life with a Handheld - Part 4: Convergence; Upgrade Envy - Part 6; Humour: "Who's on First" for the 21st Century


PDF  Text Review: Corel Painter X; Articles: The Year in Review; 2007 Financial Report; Browsing Some Firefox Add-Ons


PDF  Text Review: Exploring Linux - Part 8; Article: Revolution OS; Humour: Who's on First for the 21st Century

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