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2006 Newsletters
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PDF  Text Reviews: SyncToy–File Synchronization from Microsoft; Smart Boot Manager; 2006 Workshop a Success; Thank you MONITOR Magazine; December Linux SIG; Exploding Laptops; 2007 OPCUG Elections; Newsletter Contest reminder; Humour: The way children see things


PDF  Text Reviews: Exploring Linux – Part 4; NoteWhenAn electronic pad of "sticky notes"; PDF Newsletter Notice; Linux SIG for OPCUG; President's Message


PDF  Text 2006 OPCUG Workshop on Computer Hardware and Home Networking; A book review for you?; PC World - 101 Fabulous Freebies revisited; Reviews: Microsoft Streets & Trips 2006 with GPS Locator; Exploring Linux - Part 3;


PDF  Text Reviews:: CCleaner; FolderSync; Linus Torvalds - Just for Fun (book review); 2006 OPCUG Workshop; Newsletter Help; 2006/2007 Contest for Best Newsletter Article; Printing from the Web


PDF  Text Exploring Linux - Part 2; Annual BBQ; Contest for Best Newsletter Article - Vote Today!; At the Beginners' SIG; "101 Fabulous Freebies" (check out the May issue of PC World magazine).


PDF  Text Exploring Linux - Part 1; Coming Up in June: Annual BBQ; Final list of newsletter contestants and articles; Windows XP Personal Trainer; Blast from the Past - 1988 (PDF).


PDF  Text Reviews: Can we go to the next message? - Please! (review of Thunderbird v. 1.5); The Anti-Poverty Project - donate your used computers; Newsletter Contest Prize and How to Vote; Internet Annoyances (book review);Tips for running a secure (enough) wireless network @ home; Your newsletter needs YOU! ; SIG Bits and Bytes; PUB Talk; "Refer a Friend" ING special offer.


PDF  Text Review: Another Day at the Office (review of OpenOffice 2.0); Privacy Director's Report for 2005-2006; OPCUG Photo Albums; 2006 OPCUG Elections; Humour: Spam Recognition Guide; Blast from the Past (January 1985)


PDF  Text How Internet Predators Can Harm Your Computer; Treasurer's Report 2005; To (US)B or not to (US)B, That is the question (Rich Text, 49KB); IT-Pro SIG Activities


PDF  Text My Life with a Handheld - Part 2 (2005-2006) - the 3E Era; To (US)B or not to (US)B, That is the question (Rich Text, 49KB); Google Hacks; Change in Newsletter Contest Rules

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