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Internet Flash animations on the Web; an introduction (web content) PDF Txt Steve Coffin 12/01
Security Hide in plain sight (encryption with graphics) PDF Txt Chris Taylor 12/01
Security You and your passwords (how to secure passwords) PDF Txt David Burnside 12/01
Club News Domain name changes for OPCUG PDF Txt Chris Taylor 11/01
Club News Member services PDF Txt Chris Taylor 11/01
Internet Security E-Remove: A pre-processor for incoming e-mail PDF Txt Alan German 11/01
Utilities DriveCopy 4.0 PDF Txt Harald Freise 11/01
Internet Koala HTML PDF Txt Brigitte Lord 11/01
Club News Election notice PDF Txt Chris Taylor 10/01
Club News You've Got Mail...You've Got Mail...You've Got Mail PDF Txt Chris Taylor 10/01
Humour Backwoods computer terminology PDF Txt (anonymous) 10/01
Utilities Diskeeper 6 SE PDF Txt Chris Taylor 10/01
Internet Security PGPfire 7.1 (personal software firewall) PDF Txt Chris Taylor 09/01
Internet Image Search Engines (with web references) PDF Txt Micheline Johnson 09/01
Tips Hexing is not enough (recovering old text files) PDF Txt Petrie, Dunc 09/01
Hardware Four is not enough (increasing drive capacity) PDF Txt Petrie, Dunc 09/01
Internet JPEG 2000 PDF Txt Petrie, Dunc 06/01
Hardware Choosing a Digital Camera PDF Txt Murie, Michael 06/01
Software VMWare Workstation 2.0 PDF Txt Taylor, Chris 05/01
Software Corel turns a big 10! PDF Txt Schopf, Bert 05/01
Internet High-speed wireless internet, anyone? PDF Txt Cooper, Paul 04/01
Internet Had it with SPAM? PDF Txt Taylor, Chris 04/01
Hardware A tale of three serials PDF Txt Petrie, Dunc 04/01
General OPCUG Financial Review PDF Txt Archibald, John 04/01
Tips Command line techniques PDF Txt Taylor, Chris 04/01
Tips Outlook Express User Tips (not a newsletter article) Txt Lord,Brigitte 04/01
General "Orphan" Users PDF Txt Sims, Henry 03/01
Windows Tips Keyboard Shortcuts for browsers PDF Txt Gowan, Bob 03/01
Internet I-SIG reviews bookmark organizers PDF Txt Gowan, Bob 03/01
Security Freedom Internet Privacy Suite (Zero-Knowledge) PDF Txt Lord, Brigitte 03/01
Utilities eClean 2000 for e-mail legibility PDF Txt Taylor, Chris 03/01
Hardware/Security More on hardware routers PDF Txt Theocharides, Naki 03/01
General Hey - Who's that? (new HUGO members) PDF Txt Mahoney, Timothy 02/01
Security Security reference (sites available thru listserve) PDF Txt Taylor, Chris 02/01
Hardware/Security A hardware-based router PDF Txt Taylor, Chris 02/01
Hardware Flash memory gaining ground as portable devices increase PDF Txt Fermoyle, Ken 01/01
Security Security check with WebTrends (assessing security risk) PDF Txt Taylor, Chris 01/01
Windows Tips Making Windows work for you (locking workstation in NT & 2000) PDF Txt Taylor, Chris 01/01
Windows Tips Creating "blue screen of death" in Windows 2000 PDF Txt Taylor, Chris 01/01
Utilities The latest magic from PowerQuest (Partition Magic v.6 - more simple) PDF Txt Taylor, Chris 01/01
Windows Tips File details exposed! (Re-sizing columns) PDF Txt Taylor, Chris 01/01

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